Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Fight Prostate Cancer Naturally

Prostate cancer is one disease that often experience by men after 50. The genetics, age and life style are a part of the cause of the disease. The prostate organ is placed near with rectum. The organ serves to produce the white fluid in semen.  The prostate cancer grows slowly. At the beginning the disease comes with no symptoms. Once it grows the sufferer may experience the pain during urination or ejaculation.

The prostate cancer can be detected early by prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood tests.   PSA is one type of protein that found in the blood. The PSA level tends to increase for the people with prostate cancer. However, the PSA levels not only show the prostate cancer. It can also indicate the other prostate disease such as urinary retention, prostate infection, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), and prostate manipulation.  To ensure the patient is experienced the prostate cancer or not, it need to perform another diagnose such  as biopsy, X-rays of the urinary tract, ultrasound images, CT scans, bone scans, chest X-rays, and other imaging tests.

Beside prostate cancer, the other problems related to the organ include enlarged prostate, disease of the bladder, and other your bladder disease. Medically to Struggle against Prostate cancer was done by surgery. This treatment can prolong the life expectancy. The other way to deal with prostate cancer is improve your quality life such as below:

Fighting prostate cancer with diet

Cancer is one disease that gets nutrients from sugar. So you should fight prostate cancer by cut off its food supply and improve your health quality. Choosing the proper food is one way to Struggle against Prostate cancer. Food to fight prostate cancer is widely available in fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

Food that comes from fruit and vegetables is known rich in anti oxidant and other anti cancer properties. One substance that effective to fight prostate cancer is sulforaphane.  Sulforaphane is sulfur compound that has anti bacterial properties and anti cancer especially to fight prostate and breast cancer. The substance is widely found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

The other things to consider are to avoid the food that rich in animal fat and salty food. To fight cancer you need food that rich in anti oxidant and a number of vitamin such as vitamin B, C, E and selenium. The food is widely available in fresh food such as fresh fish, fresh vegetable and fresh fruit. The food is widely available in nuts, seeds, tomatoes, avocado, wheat germ, peas, citrus, berries, red grapes, leafy dark-green vegetables, spinach, cantaloupe, sweet peppers, and mango, nonfat milk and more.

Fighting prostate cancer with herbs
Herb is known with anti cancer properties. The active substance in herbs is easily absorbed by the body and can improve the endurance. The immune system is effective to kill the cancer cells. Various herbs to fight prostate cancer include: ginseng, turmeric, ginger, red clover, saw palmetto, green tea, garlic, lingzhi, pygeum and more.

Fighting prostate cancer with alternative treatment
Alternative treatment to overcome prostate cancer is often combines one method with others such as herbal, massage, therapies, acupuncture, cupping and more.

Fighting prostate cancer with exercise
Many study found that exercise is effective to prevent the prostate cancer. The exercise such as running, jogging, biking, swimming, push up and more. The activity is very useful to improve blood circulation and also strengthening the muscle. By improving the blood circulation will facilitate the removal of body waste and prevent the occurrence of the cancer.  Exercise is also very beneficial to reduce weight and reduce the probability someone to experience cancer.

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