Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Fight Prostate Cancer Naturally

Prostate cancer is one disease that often experience by men after 50. The genetics, age and life style are a part of the cause of the disease. The prostate organ is placed near with rectum. The organ serves to produce the white fluid in semen.  The prostate cancer grows slowly. At the beginning the disease comes with no symptoms. Once it grows the sufferer may experience the pain during urination or ejaculation.

The prostate cancer can be detected early by prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood tests.   PSA is one type of protein that found in the blood. The PSA level tends to increase for the people with prostate cancer. However, the PSA levels not only show the prostate cancer. It can also indicate the other prostate disease such as urinary retention, prostate infection, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), and prostate manipulation.  To ensure the patient is experienced the prostate cancer or not, it need to perform another diagnose such  as biopsy, X-rays of the urinary tract, ultrasound images, CT scans, bone scans, chest X-rays, and other imaging tests.

Beside prostate cancer, the other problems related to the organ include enlarged prostate, disease of the bladder, and other your bladder disease. Medically to Struggle against Prostate cancer was done by surgery. This treatment can prolong the life expectancy. The other way to deal with prostate cancer is improve your quality life such as below:

Fighting prostate cancer with diet

Cancer is one disease that gets nutrients from sugar. So you should fight prostate cancer by cut off its food supply and improve your health quality. Choosing the proper food is one way to Struggle against Prostate cancer. Food to fight prostate cancer is widely available in fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

Food that comes from fruit and vegetables is known rich in anti oxidant and other anti cancer properties. One substance that effective to fight prostate cancer is sulforaphane.  Sulforaphane is sulfur compound that has anti bacterial properties and anti cancer especially to fight prostate and breast cancer. The substance is widely found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

The other things to consider are to avoid the food that rich in animal fat and salty food. To fight cancer you need food that rich in anti oxidant and a number of vitamin such as vitamin B, C, E and selenium. The food is widely available in fresh food such as fresh fish, fresh vegetable and fresh fruit. The food is widely available in nuts, seeds, tomatoes, avocado, wheat germ, peas, citrus, berries, red grapes, leafy dark-green vegetables, spinach, cantaloupe, sweet peppers, and mango, nonfat milk and more.

Fighting prostate cancer with herbs
Herb is known with anti cancer properties. The active substance in herbs is easily absorbed by the body and can improve the endurance. The immune system is effective to kill the cancer cells. Various herbs to fight prostate cancer include: ginseng, turmeric, ginger, red clover, saw palmetto, green tea, garlic, lingzhi, pygeum and more.

Fighting prostate cancer with alternative treatment
Alternative treatment to overcome prostate cancer is often combines one method with others such as herbal, massage, therapies, acupuncture, cupping and more.

Fighting prostate cancer with exercise
Many study found that exercise is effective to prevent the prostate cancer. The exercise such as running, jogging, biking, swimming, push up and more. The activity is very useful to improve blood circulation and also strengthening the muscle. By improving the blood circulation will facilitate the removal of body waste and prevent the occurrence of the cancer.  Exercise is also very beneficial to reduce weight and reduce the probability someone to experience cancer.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Three Ways To Fight Diabetes Without Drugs

Diabetes is one of the diseases that are scared by many people. The disease is caused by the failure of pancreas in produce the insulin that makes the high blood sugar level. Broadly speaking there are three types of diabetes; diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2 and gestational diabetes or diabetes pregnancy. Diabetes type 1 is usually experienced by childhood. The disease happens because their pancreas is not produce insulin. Diabetes type 2 is usually experienced by adulthood. The disease happen because the pancreas produce insulin in little amount or there is rĂ©sistance to insulin.  Gestational diabetes is usually experienced by women during pregnancy. Medically the disease is incurable. But do not worry there are many alternative solutions to overcome your problems, such as below:

Control diet
The main enemy of people with diabetes is food rich in sugar or carbohydrates. So to control your blood sugar level you should avoid the food that high in carbohydrate.  You can use glycemic index as tool to control your diet.  You can choose low glycemic index. Low glycemic index mean the carbohydrate food need long time to be breakdown into glucose. There are many type of low glycemic index food such as food that rich in fiber, fruit, fresh vegetables oatmeal, sweet potato and more. You should avoid the food that high glycemic index such as white bread, pasta, rice, low fiver cereals, baked goods and more. But not all low glycemic index is safe for your health. Some food with low glycemic index is high in fat. Another food you should avoid includes salty food. Fatty food is the trigger of obesity and heart disease. Salty food can increase the risk to hypertension.

Alternative treatment
There are many alternative treatments to overcome your diabetes such as acupuncture, using herbals and supplement, Naturopathy, holistic therapy and more. The herbs or supplement that can be used to overcome diabetes such as ginseng, aloe Vera, cinnamon, chromium, magnesium, zinc and more. The alternative treatment can improve your pancreas function.  In this manner, your pancreas can produce insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Keep positive thinking
Positive thinking is the key to fight all problems. Positive thinking can save your energy to solve every problem. Think positive also influence the body’s metabolism in maintain the hormone balance. As is known hormone balance is very important to keep the health.

Actually diabetes is not dangerous but it can trigger much disease such as heart problems, eye, kidney, liver, nerve function, and more.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Natural Way To Fight Liver Cancer

Liver cancer (Hepatocellular carcinoma/ hcc cancer) is cancer that originates from liver or other organs such as breast, lung, colon, and more. The disease has close relationship with other liver disease such as, cirrhosis, hepatitis B and C, and other hepatic disease. What is hepatic? Hepatic is another term for liver disease. The disease commonly happens to elderly people. The symptoms of liver cancer include: Pain in the upper abdomen, swollen abdomen, loss appetite, weakness, nausea, yellow skin, jaundice, and fever. 

Liver cancer is grown in three stages; localized unrespectable, advanced, and recurrent. Localized unrespectable is cancer that grow in one part of the liver but cannot be removed completely. At advance stage the disease has grown to other part of the body.  Recurrent stage is usually happen after surgery.

Natural strategies to fight liver cancer

The existence of cancer in the liver can disturbs overall human health. Medically the disease is usually overcome with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. But this method cannot heal the disease completely especially at the end stage. To improve the healing probability you can perform alternative treatment. The following are a number of strategies that you can do to fight liver cancer.

There are many herbs that can be used to fight liver cancer such as green tea, cinnamon, maitake, astragalaus, red clovers, turmeric and more.  Natural ingredients are safe to human health because it does not cause side effects. The herbs are easy absorbed by the body and help the body to improve the endurance. Naturally, endurance system can kill the cancer cells. The herb can reduce the cancer symptoms and some of them can also destroy the cancer cells.

- Nutrient therapy
Cancer cells live from the sugar. Sugar is the main source of fuel and energy for the disease. Reduce the food that rich in sugar can reduce the fuel supply to cancer cells. Reducing of sugar intake is one of the nutrient therapies. The nutrient therapy also aims to improve the endurance.  The endurance system can kill the cancer cell cells include the liver cells. To improve the endurance also often followed by giving the supplement such as Beta carotene, selenium, vitamin C, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and vitamin E.

- Alternative treatment
Medically not all liver cancer is curable. The other solution to heal the disease is by alternative treatment. Some alternative treatment claimed can heal the liver cancer totally. Alternative treatment usually combines one method with others. Some alternative treatment to cure the disease includes; acupuncture, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy and more.

- Stress management therapy
Liver Cancer not only cause the pain in the upper abdomen and other physical symptoms  but also cause mental disorder such as mood swing, anxiety, depression, and others. To overcome the mental disorder due to liver disease can be done mental therapies such as stress management therapy. The therapy is very useful to restore the mental health. By improving the mental health will facilitate the physical healing.

- Physical therapy
Physical therapy is very useful to improve the blood circulation. With smooth blood circulation can improve the supply of oxygen to the body include to the liver. As is known cancer cells can be killed by oxygen.  Another way to improve the oxygen in the body is by drinking alkaline water (ph>7). Acidic water (ph<7) is lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen in the cells can trigger the formation of cancer cells.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top Dental Problems In The World

Teeth has major role in human life. It not only serves to chew the food but also influence the performance. The tooth problem has close relationship with the health of mouth and other part in the mouth such as gum and tongue. Dental problems commonly are caused by the food particles that left in the mouth. The food particle will be decomposed by bacteria, and then excrete certain chemical that can damage the tooth. The following are the most common dental problem that is experienced by many people.

•             Bad breath
Bad breath is caused by activity of bacteria that decompose food particle in the mouth. The odor can also come from the saliva activity. This enzyme can kill microorganism in the mouth. The dead microorganism usually mixed with saliva and be accumulated in the tongue. The other factor that trigger the bad breath include dry mouth, odor foods, smokes, alcohol abuse, the rest of food particle in the mouth and other health problems.

•             Tooth decay
Tooth decay is caused by the excretion of acid substance by the bacteria that live in the mouth. The acid substance can make teeth experience the decay and cause pain.  

•             Dental abscess
Dental abscess is the condition that cause the pus around the teeth. The condition is caused by the bacterial infection to teeth or gum. People who experience the disease will feel pain suddenly and it can happen again gradually after a few hour, or days.

•             Gum disease
Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque in the gum. The harmful bacteria in the plaque can infect the gum. The gum usually bleeds when you brush your teeth.

•             Oral cancer
                Oral cancer is caused by the growing of abnormal cell that invade the surrounding tissue in the mouth include lips, tongue, gums, pharynx, and sinus. The symptoms include swelling and bumps in the lips, tongue, gum and other part in the mouth. The sufferer also feel sore in the face, throat, include ear pain. This condition will make difficult to chew the foods. The smoker is the most people that often experience the disease.

•           Canker sores
The exact cause of canker sore is not known until now. Some factor that can trigger canker sore is eating food that can irritate the mouth such as citrus fruit, acid vegetables and spicy food. The gum irritation and tooth plaque can also trigger the conditions. The condition usually can be restored in few day days without treatment.

•         Tooth erosion
Tooth erosion can happen if the outer cover (enamel) of your teeth experiences the damage. It is usually caused by acid substance that comes from certain foods and beverages such as soft drinks, fruit drinks, high sugar food and other factors. Acid reflux can also cause this problem.

•           Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity usually happen if the nerve in the tooth is exposed. This condition can happen if the enamel is broken, and under layer part (dentin) be exposed. This part contains many nerves cells.

•           Toothache

 This is also one problem that experienced by many people. It can be triggered by many factors such as tooth cracked, the buildup of plaque in the tooth, tooth decay and more.

•           Unattractive smile
Unattractive smile usually relate to the arrangement of tooth that cause unattractive smile. This problem can overcome by dentist to improve the beauty of your smile.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Benefit Of Water For Kidney Stones

Kidney stone (renal calculi) is made of the crystallization of uric acid and mineral solution in the kidney. The stone size is vary, start from the grain like sand and can grow into the size of golf ball. The symptom of the disease is depending on the location and the size. Someone who experiences the disease may have symptoms such as pain in back, profuse sweating, cloudy urine; urine contains pus and blood, reduced urine output. The small size, of kidney stone can flush out by itself. Drink plenty of water every morning can help the removing of kidney stone through the urinary track

According to many study, kidney stone is formed because the lack of water. This condition will make difficult the kidney to run its function to filter and maintain the solubility of uric acid and other minerals. This will trigger the crystallization of the minerals. Another study also said that this disease is hereditary. Someone is prone to kidney stone if they have family that ever experiences the kidney stones.

Characteristic of kidney stone
Base on the raw material, kidney stone can divide into Uric Acid stone, Calcium Oxalate stone, Cystine stone, and Struvite stone.Calcium oxalate is the most substance that forms the renal calculi. The substance is deriving from much kind of foods.  Normally the substance will flush out from the body if the kidney has enough fluid. Drink more than 2 liter water every day is very recommended for keeping the health of kidney. This amount can replace the loss of fluid from the body. Drink plenty of water has many benefits for kidneys such as below;

Prevent the formation of kidney stone
Most of the kidney stone are formed from the crystallization of mineral and uric acid. Lack of water will trigger the crystallization of the solution. By drink plenty of water will keep the solubility of mineral and other body waste in the kidneys.

Flush out the kidney stone
The kidney stone size is varying from the grain until the size of golf ball. By drink plenty of water can help to push the kidney stone out from the body. Drink plenty of water can flush out the small stone from the kidney through urinary track.

Keep the pH balance of kidneys solution
The pH balance in the kidney has close relationship with the solution in the kidney. Drink plenty of water can thin the solution in the kidney. It can reduce the alkaline condition and prevent the formation of stone in the kidneys.

Keep the heath of kidney
The health of kidneys are depending on the mechanism and its function in filtering and keep the mineral and other body waste suspend in the solution. It can prevent the crystallization of the solution.