Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top Dental Problems In The World

Teeth has major role in human life. It not only serves to chew the food but also influence the performance. The tooth problem has close relationship with the health of mouth and other part in the mouth such as gum and tongue. Dental problems commonly are caused by the food particles that left in the mouth. The food particle will be decomposed by bacteria, and then excrete certain chemical that can damage the tooth. The following are the most common dental problem that is experienced by many people.

•             Bad breath
Bad breath is caused by activity of bacteria that decompose food particle in the mouth. The odor can also come from the saliva activity. This enzyme can kill microorganism in the mouth. The dead microorganism usually mixed with saliva and be accumulated in the tongue. The other factor that trigger the bad breath include dry mouth, odor foods, smokes, alcohol abuse, the rest of food particle in the mouth and other health problems.

•             Tooth decay
Tooth decay is caused by the excretion of acid substance by the bacteria that live in the mouth. The acid substance can make teeth experience the decay and cause pain.  

•             Dental abscess
Dental abscess is the condition that cause the pus around the teeth. The condition is caused by the bacterial infection to teeth or gum. People who experience the disease will feel pain suddenly and it can happen again gradually after a few hour, or days.

•             Gum disease
Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque in the gum. The harmful bacteria in the plaque can infect the gum. The gum usually bleeds when you brush your teeth.

•             Oral cancer
                Oral cancer is caused by the growing of abnormal cell that invade the surrounding tissue in the mouth include lips, tongue, gums, pharynx, and sinus. The symptoms include swelling and bumps in the lips, tongue, gum and other part in the mouth. The sufferer also feel sore in the face, throat, include ear pain. This condition will make difficult to chew the foods. The smoker is the most people that often experience the disease.

•           Canker sores
The exact cause of canker sore is not known until now. Some factor that can trigger canker sore is eating food that can irritate the mouth such as citrus fruit, acid vegetables and spicy food. The gum irritation and tooth plaque can also trigger the conditions. The condition usually can be restored in few day days without treatment.

•         Tooth erosion
Tooth erosion can happen if the outer cover (enamel) of your teeth experiences the damage. It is usually caused by acid substance that comes from certain foods and beverages such as soft drinks, fruit drinks, high sugar food and other factors. Acid reflux can also cause this problem.

•           Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity usually happen if the nerve in the tooth is exposed. This condition can happen if the enamel is broken, and under layer part (dentin) be exposed. This part contains many nerves cells.

•           Toothache

 This is also one problem that experienced by many people. It can be triggered by many factors such as tooth cracked, the buildup of plaque in the tooth, tooth decay and more.

•           Unattractive smile
Unattractive smile usually relate to the arrangement of tooth that cause unattractive smile. This problem can overcome by dentist to improve the beauty of your smile.