Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Benefits Of Ling Zhi Mushroom For Health

Ling zhi is one of the popular herbs in the world. The plant is widely used in Asia such as china; Japan and Korea to treat various diseases include cancer and HIV/AIDS. The mushroom also known as Ganoderma lucidum, or gano, rei shi, ling chi, lingzhi, Yeong Ji or Yung Gee and  more. The plant is a decomposer and usually grows at hardwood that has died in the Asian jungle. Currently the fungus is produced from the result of cultivation.  Since 1971, Yukio Naoi, a researcher from Kyoto, Japan, began to cultivate mushroom ling zhi. Yukio Naoi is succeeding to cultivate the ling zhi mushroom, by using agricultural waste and wood had rotted.
The gano mushroom has many health benefits. It can restore your body to the natural state. According to Chinese medicine expert, the  Lingzhi mushroom is very effective to restore function the internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, and pancreas. The mushroom is effective to overcome various disease related to those organs. Base on many studies the fungus has many superior properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial and antioxidant. The following are various health benefits of gano mushroom.

Improve immune system
Gano mushroom is known rich in many active ingredients. The main active ingredient is polysaccharides. It may increase the production of the T cells, that have played a major role in immune system. There are many studies that said that the fungus is powerful to increase the immune system. The herb is popular to improve health quality of cancer patient. The active ingredients in the fungus may be inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of tumor cells.

Prevent the cancer
Every human has the potential to experience the cancer disease. The disease is caused by the damage cells. Damage cells are, the cell that experiences the defect at gene. The defect gen of the cell can growth and make you experience tumor or cancer. Naturally the tumor or cancer cell only can be killed by the immune system. Consume the ling chi mushroom regularly can improve the endurance. By increase the endurance can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
The growth of the cancer cell has close relationship with the lowering of endurance system. By consuming the ling zhi the endurance can be improved. The improvement of endurance can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Various studies are also shown that the active ingredients in the ganoderma lucidum may inhibit the formation of blood vessel in the cancer tissue. This is very useful to prevent or inhibit the nutrient supply to the cancer or tumor tissue. In this manner can combat the proliferation of cancer cell, so that the metastasis can be prevented.

Healing the effect of radiation and chemotherapy
Radiation and chemotherapy is the common method to treat cancer patients. But the treatment can cause many side effects such as hair loss, nausea, and rash, decreasing of endurance, damage the tissue and more. Consuming the rei shi mushroom regularly can restore the side effect of the chemo and radiation therapy.

Lowering cholesterol
Many study show that the mushroom can prevent the formation of plaque at the artery wall. Another study also found that the active ingredients in ganoderma lucidum fungus can stimulate the liver to reduce the production of cholesterol.

Urinary Tract Support
According to many researches, it is found that ganoderma lucidum is effective inhibiting the 5-alpha reductase. This is an enzyme that play major role in convert the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As is known DHT is hormone that can trigger the swelling of prostate gland. The swelling of prostate gland can disrupt the smooth of urination. By consume the ling zi mushroom regularly the urinary problem can be overcome.

Improve the Liver health and helps with Detoxification
Liver is the largest organs in the human body. If the liver function is disrupted, it will cause many problems to human health. Liver play major role in the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat. The organ is also role in the removing of toxin from the body. Certain virus can strike the liver and cause the hepatitis. According to many studies ling chi mushroom can speed up the metabolism in the liver and also can heal the hepatitis and its symptoms such as dizziness and fatigue.

 Helps Improve the Blood Circulation System
Ling chi has blood thinning properties. The mushroom is working by dilate coronary arteries and increase coronary blood vessel flow. The active ingredients in ling zhi mushroom can prevent the formation of plaque in the artery. In this way the blood circulation can be increased and also the oxygen supply to heart. This will improve health of heart.

Helps Prevent Aging
Ling zhi mushroom has anti oxidant properties. As is known anti oxidant is very powerful to counteract the free radical from the out and also from the within of the human body. The polysaccharides and polypeptides content of the fungus is also believed can prevent the aging because these substance can boost the immune system to fight the free radical.

Lowering High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure has close relationship with heart, and cholesterol.  High blood pressures usually caused by narrowing of the blood vessel and force the heart to work harder. Ling chi is known powerful to lower cholesterol and prevent the formation of plaque in the artery. The mushroom is also effective to dilate the artery. By dilation of artery the blood circulation can be smoother.

Helps with the treatment of Diabetes
As mention above ling chi mushroom is effective working in internal organ, one of them is pancreas. This organ is responsible in the insulin production. The failing of pancreas in production of insulin will cause the diabetes. Many studies shown that Lingzhi Ganoderma B and C is effective reduce the blood sugar level by enhancing the using of glucose by muscle tissues. It can lower the pancreas burden.