Sunday, November 11, 2012

How You Can Avoid COPD

COPD may be you often hear this term. Do you know what COPD is? COPD is the abbreviation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The disease is combination of chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma and emphysema. The common symptoms are shortness of breath.  The other symptoms include chronic cough, tiredness, chest tightness, and excessive mucus production.  Each disease may have the same symptom, although it attacks in different part of organ. The disease inhibits the air flow to your lung. At chronic bronchitis the air flow was inhibited by the secretion of mucus in excessive amount. At asthma, the air flow is inhibited by narrowing of bronchial. At emphysema, the air flow is inhibited because there is the damage of alveoli walls in your lungs. It can disrupt the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. To determine what disease is attacking you, the doctor need do the examination by stethoscope or x-ray.

Chronic bronchitis
What is bronchitis? This is one of the respiratory disorder that caused by the swelling of respiratory tract especially at bronchial tubes. Your bronchial tissue tube may be experience the inflammation and result the secretion of mucus in excessive amount. The inflammation may caused by virus and bacterial infection. The common symptoms are cough with for more than three month until two years. The cough is often along with mucus in excessive amount.

How do you get bronchitis? There are many factors that may be caused bronchitis such as genetic, environment, smoking, allergens and more. Is bronchitis contagious? It depends on the cause of your bronchitis. If your bronchitis caused by viruses or bacterial infection, it can contagious. But for chronic bronchitis asthmatic is not contagious.

Chronic asthma
The respiratory disorder caused by the spasm in the muscle of respiratory track. Asthma attack is usually triggered by environment factor such as allergen and another bad environment. Asthma care is doing by use the bronchodilator or decongestant to relax the respiratory track.

In the disease, your lung will hard to shrink and expand, so that it hard for you to breath. There are chronic destruction in your alveoli that disrupt the exchange of oxygen and carbondioxide in your lung. It makes your oxygen level in your blood become low and makes you feel tiredness.

How to prevent COPD
Treatment for COPD just for reduces the symptoms of your disease. It cannot restore your lung. So prevent the COPD is better than treat it. There are many ways that you can do to prevent COPD such as below.

Stop smoking
Smoking is the main factor that cause the COPD. To prevent the COPD you should avoid smoking.
Occupational health
This is also the great factor that can cause COPD.  When you work at bad environment such as cement industries, coal mines, construction and more shuld use the safety device such as masker. Check your lung health regularly.
Avoid Air pollution.
Pollutant is commonly found in industry area. Choose the residential that is far from industry area is better for your lung health. If you live in bad environment for long time, you prone to experience the COPD.