Saturday, January 12, 2013

How To Fight Hepatitis Naturally

May be your often hear the hepatitis word. May be you also often ask in your mind, hepatitis what is it? Hepatitis is one of the liver diseases that are caused by virus, medications and toxic agent. Hepatitis commonly can divide into hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Each type is caused by the different virus. But the symptoms are similar. To determine what type of hepatitis that happen to you, it should be done medical diagnoses include: blood test, CT scan and biopsy. It is depending on symptoms. How can you get hepatitis? There are various ways you get hepatitis depend on many factors include receive blood from donor, free sex, poor hygiene, poor sanitary, drug abuse, from mother to her baby, using needles that contaminated by hepatitis virus. The common symptoms of hepatitis include symptoms like flu, loss appetite, jaundice, dark urine and more.

Home remedies to fight hepatitis
-          Reishi mushroom.
This fungus is powerful to improve the endurance system and also improve the liver function.

-          Milk Thistle seeds
This herb is also known as liver tonic. The active ingredients in Milk Thistle seeds is known as silymarin. This substance is very effective to overcome liver disease such as acute viral hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and toxin-induced liver damage. This plant widely found in America and Europe.  It can repair the liver damage caused by toxic chemical and medications. Besides used as traditional medication, its root can also uses as food. The root can be eaten raw, boiled and also roasted.

-          Dandelion root
Dandelion is also one of the herbs that used to overcome the liver problems including hepatitis. The herb can reduce the liver problems such as reduce the inflammation and lesion that happen in the liver. Dandelion can be served as tea from the leaves or the root. Its fiber also very useful to absorbed the toxin and remove it from the body.

-          Black seed oil
The oil has superior properties such as anti bacterial, anti viral, anti tumor and anti inflammatory and anti histamine for allergic. This oil is also very effective to improve liver function and reduce the hepatitis symptoms such as jaundice, fatigue, instability emotions and others.

-          Boldo leaves
This herb has long been known as liver tonic, has anti biotic properties, anti inflammatory, diuretic and laxative.  This herb contains various anti oxidants such as boldine, camphor, limonene, beta-pinene and coumarin. These active ingredients can be used to prevent and treat various disease such as indigestion, and other disease is caused by parasites such as expel worms, to treat colds, syphilis and gonorrhea. Before use this herbs consult with healthcare practition to avoid contra indication and effects of interaction with other drugs.

Fasting is not eating and drink for certain time. This method is powerful to cleanse your liver from toxin. This condition also gives the chance to your liver to restore itself.

Eat proper food
To improve your liver function you should run proper diet. Normally liver need sugar and fat to run its function. But at hepatitis conditions, your liver cannot run its functions properly. So you should control your diet. You should limit the fatty food. You should also avoid alcohol, spicy food, and caffeine. To improve the liver functions, you should eat food that rich in vitamin and minerals, omega 3, protein, complex carbohydrates. These foods are widely available in fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, grain and more.