Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Remedies To Fight Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the inflammation that occur on prostate that caused by bacterial infection or non bacterial infection. Pain and hard to urination is the common symptoms. Other symptoms include fever, cold, pain in the scrotum, penis, pain during ejaculation and pain at the abdomen. It can also without symptoms. There are four kinds of prostatitis include acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic pelvic syndrome and asymptomatic inflammatory. To differentiate the type of prostatitis it should be done several diagnose include urine test, blood test, CT scan, and X ray. The choice of test is depending on the condition. Medically the prostatitis treatment is done by using medicine drugs and some therapy. Physician also suggests using home remedies and changing in life style such as below:

-              Bath with warm water
-              Comfortable sit. You can sit on pillow or inflatable pillow to reduce the pressure to your prostate

-              Avoid alcohol, coffee and spicy food

-              Avoid bicycling to reduce the pressure to your prostate

-              Golden seals
This herb has antibiotic properties, very powerful to kill any kinds of bad bacteria, heal the inflammation of the urinary tract include in the prostate and reduce the swollen,  pain syndrome in the prostate and overcome the bleeding in the internal organ.

-              Tomatoes
The fruit is rich in lycopen, powerful to reduce the prostatitis symptoms such as dribbling. The anti oxidant is also very powerful to prevent the prostate cancer.

-              Pumpkin seeds
The seeds have diuretic properties and rich in zinc. The mineral is very effective to improve the endurance. The seed can be consumed plain by remove the shell. You can also enjoy it as tea.

The other popular herbs to overcome the prostatic include saw palmetto and stinging nettle. The herbs are widely available in various packages such as powder, tea, capsule and others.